To The Enemies - Frederick Engels

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To The Enemies by Frederick Engels

Works of Frederick Engels, 1839

To The Enemies [2]

Written: about February 24, 1839

First published: in Der Bremer Stadtbote No. 4, February 24, 1839

Signed: Theodor H.

Why can you never leave what’s well alone

And let a little honest striving

Or well-meant words said in a kindly tone

Do their good work among the living?

To falsify what people really mean

Is very easy to arrange.

Bad in the good is all too quickly seen,

But good to bad you'll never change.

Or is it that you seriously expect

To gain advantages by making light

Of others’ efforts? If you want respect,

Then win respect in your own right.

Use your own brains then; if you would succeed

Prepare to make the upward climb;

Hanging behind those who are in the lead,

Belittling them, you waste your time.

Say, can you hope to do the courier wrong

For whom you lay your spiteful snares?

He carries news, so let him pass along

As on his lawful way he fares.

If truth he brings, truth shall indeed prevail,

Transcending perfidy and fraud.

The wise old saying hits it on the nail

"Honesty is its own reward.”