La Makhnovtchina

A Makhnovist song about their struggles in Ukraine during the Russian Revolution.

Your flags are black in the wind
They are black with our pain
They are red with our blood
By the mountains and plains
in the snow and in the wind
across the whole Ukraine
our partisans arise

In the Spring Lenin's treaties
delivered the Ukraine to the Germans
In the Fall the Makhnovshchina
threw them into the wind.

Denikin's White army
entered the Ukraine singing
but soon the Makhnovshchina
scattered them in the wind.

Makhnovshchina, Makhnovshchina
black army of our partisans
Who battled in the Ukraine
against the Reds and the Whites
Makhnovshchina, Makhnovshchina
black army of our partisans
who wanted to drive away all tyrants
forever from the Ukraine.

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Jul 21 2014 20:39


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Jul 22 2014 10:48

Hmm, no. Actually a detournement of a Red Army song The Partisans with new words by Etienne Roda-Gill ( an anarchist) for the LP Pour En Finir Ave Le Travail full of well known tunes treated to detournement by Debord and his Situationnist chums.