Libertarian Workers Group Leaflets (Part 2)

Additional 1980s leaflets issued by the New York/New Jersey Libertarian Workers Group (LWG)

Submitted by syndicalist on April 11, 2018


1. Picket Call: "Protest the First Anniversary of Martial Law in Poland"

2. "Poland: No Business As Usual"

3. "As we Go Marching" (Labor Day 1982)

4. "Poland: Round II"

5. "Where Do We Go From Here?" (Anti-nuclear power)

6. NYC Anti-Nuclear Group (Announcing group formation. LWG heavily involved)

7. "Does Con Edison Serve the Community?" (NYCANG. LWG heavily involved)

8. "Just Another Leaflet....or something to think about? (20th Anniversary March on Washington)

9. "Every day os Solidarity Day" (Labor Day 1983)

10. "Crossing the Borders: The Autonomous Movement for Peace - East and West" (LWG co-sponsor)

11. "Disarmament: The Workers Stake"

12. "Beyond 1984" (Against police state and militarism)

13. "From South Africa to Seventh Avenue" (Linking the fight against South African apartheid to institutionalized apartheid inside the Ladies Garment Workers Union - ILGWU)

14. "In Remembrance of 2 Years of State Repression in Poland - Support the Polish Libertarian Resistance"

15. "Anarchism & Marxism: Where Do Anarchists and Marxists Differ, and Can we Learn from Each Other? A joint discussion between the LWG and Revolutionary Socialist League"

16. "Pause and Consider..." (Electoralism)

17. "Crossing the Borders" (Anti-militarism,anti-imperialism,internationalism)

18. "If You Want to Be Free...." ("No Nations, No Nukes")


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