The market - John O'Neill

The market - John O'Neill

John O'Neill draws on considerable research in this area to provide an overdue critical evaluation of the limits of the market, and future prospects for non-market socialism.

Following the failure of 'really existing socialism' in Eastern Europe and Asia, the market is now generally perceived, by Left and Right, to be supreme in any rational economic system. The current debate now focuses on the proper boundaries of markets rather than the system itself. This book examines the problems of defining these boundaries for the recent defences of the market, and shows that they highlight major weaknesses in the cases made by its proponents.

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Feb 7 2016 14:12


  • The market may be one way in which dispersed knowledge can be put to good effect. It is not the only way—and if its consequences are, for example, ecologically damaging there is a case for putting constraints on markets or, more radically, replacing them with a quite different set of institutions.

    John O'Neill

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