McDonalds Workers Resistance Launch statement

Before October 12th 2000, we had worked away organising in a couple of stores in Glasgow (Scotland) and had then started communicating with a few other McWorkers and persuaded them to come along with us... This was the statement with which we went public through the wonderful McSpotlight web siteand launched our global takeover type thing. You'll notice that we're using the same slogans to this day...

Submitted by Steven. on September 16, 2010

McDonalds Workers Resistance Launch statement
Global Day of solidarity with McDonalds Workers October 12th 2000

McDonalds Workers Resistance (MWR), run entirely by McDonalds employees, is an independent combination of a few small groups of workers that have united in an attempt to create serious opposition to the company. Most of us agree that working for McDonalds is shit - late nights, skin irritations, no overtime, harassment from management, low wages, stupid uniforms, unlawful business practices, imbecilic propaganda, cuts and burns, oppressive controls on how we should look, never being able to finish on time - there's a lot we object to. Our proposal is simple - DON'T MOAN, ORGANISE! We believe that if we can only realise our collective power then there is nothing we can't win. We also believe that we can do this best without leaders or hierarchies but by working at a local level to begin to control our working lives. Consequently, MWR has been established, not as a centralised group, but as a convenient banner under which several previously isolated pockets of resistance can fight back against the company. We have no official membership and no dues so please take the initiative in (dis)organising your store and spreading the resistance (please be careful and remember McDonalds record of attempting to silence all who oppose it). McDonalds is the epitome of triumphalist capitalism, arrogant and contemptuous of those who oppose it. It may soon be surprised - the workers united are more possible than they can powerfully imagine.