Solidarity (North West) #1.03

Issue of the North West Solidarity Journal with articles on race, sex and class, a dispute in Bolton, the revolution in Guinea and more.


  • The Gilbert Ash dispute - Bolton - Dick Sheenan
  • Review: The Revolutionary Movement in Britain 1900-1921 by Walter Kendall - John King
  • Guinea: the unknown revolution - Paul Harris
  • Race, sex and the class war - Ric Sumner1
  • May Day (in Manchester)
  • Manchester University: the occupation - PARH
  • 1. libcom note: while some of the language in this text is jarring and would not be used over 50 years later, we think it is worth stressing that language was used differently back then, and overall we think the argument of the article is both solid and ahead of its time.
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Aug 22 2017 20:20

As always, there is great coverage of struggles in this issue. Also the article on race, sex and class, while we wouldn't use some of the same language today, actually I think is really good overall, and way ahead of many class reductionist and workerist lefties even today, over half a century later

Aug 22 2017 20:32

Although I have long been an anarcho-syndcalist, the various Solidarity stuff (mostly pre-Solidarity / Social Revolution merge) has been very influential. Glad to see this one up.