Why anarchists oppose the Olympic bid - in brief

Submitted by Steven. on January 4, 2005

Summary of libertarian arguments against the 2012 Olympic bid.

  • The Olympic's focus is on profit, it only contributes to the further commercialisation of sport.
  • It is estimated that close to 100 workers were killed in Athens in the preparation for the 2004 Olympics.1
  • In China for the 2008 Olympics (despite China's dodgy human right's record), like in Athens 2004 thousands have been displaced for construction.
  • The Olympics does not have the support of most Londoners yet the government is trying to create the illusion of support with a number of spectacular stunts and novelties.
  • The Olympics will cost London millions of pounds which could be spent on much more worth while projects.
  • The "regeneration" of East London will lead to the destruction of communities and environments just like the London Development Corporation's last major project, The Docklands regeneration in the 1980s.
    • 1http://news.amnesty.org/index/ENGEUR256082004