Wild socialism: Workers councils in revolutionary Berlin, 1918-21 - Martin Comack

Wild socialism: Workers councils in revolutionary Berlin, 1918-21 - Martin Comack

Wild Socialism examines the rise, development, and decline of revolutionary councils of industrial workers in Berlin at the end of the First World War.

This popular movement spread throughout Germany, and was without precedent in either the theory or practice of the Social Democratic party and the trade unions allied to it.

These workers councils were most highly developed in Berlin, within its particular industrial, political, and cultural milieu. The Berlin Shop Stewards group provided a hard core of militant revolutionaries within the movement, many of whose adherents were more moderate or ambiguous in their views. Externally, the councilists faced a hostile Social Democratic-trade union bureaucracy who characterized council rule as “wilde Sozialismus,” a reconstituted and repressive state power, and a revolutionary rival in the rise of German Bolshevism. This work considers the experience of the Berlin councils as alternative institutions outside of traditional union, party, and governmental structures.

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I find Chapter 6 on Wartime in this book to be very important for thinking about what really is at play when social democrats and trade unionists are fighting for recognition. In exchange for political legitimacy and labor peace you bargain away everything you ever stand for (or purported to stand for), and out of fear that you are not being pragmatic enough for the masses.

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Is this available anywhere as a pdf file, or otherwise (than mobi, about which I know nothing) for free viewing?