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Partial online archive of Xtra! - an anarchist/autonomist newspaper published in North London from 1979 until 1982. It seems like there were 10 issues?

Xtra's "Structureless Tyrants" included Simon Read (who infamously infiltrated the National Front's HQ Excalibur House in Shoreditch and became a key witness in the inquiry set up to investigate it). Martin Wright (who would later be involved with Class War) was also a contributor.

In 1981 a teenage Chemistry student in Nottingham was sentenced to three years imprisonment for distributing 200 photocopies of issue 8's cover story ("Burn Babylon Burn" on the Brixton riots) - see Black Flag vol 6 #11 p8.


Serge Forward
Jul 17 2020 20:27

Xtra was my favourite read, back in the day!

Jul 18 2020 11:06

It's a bit subcultural which doesn't ever age that well, but the uncompromising snide attitude is pretty refreshing still I reckon.

The stuff in the pilot issue and issue 8 about a member of Xtra! infiltrating the NF HQ and then getting nicked for trying to poison fash hardman Derrick Day is like something out of a TV thriller!

Serge Forward
Jul 18 2020 12:33

I only started reading it about issue 4 but was well impressed... "uncompromisingly snide"... that would have been a good slogan grin The Derrick Day stuff was dead good.

R Totale
Jul 18 2020 12:40

Ah, I think that's the same NF infiltrator who was profiled/interviewed here: https://invereskstreet.blogspot.com/2012/01/simon-says-by-ian-walker.htm...

Jul 18 2020 13:50

Yup same one.