Afghan workers clash with riot police in Patras in response to repression

Protest against port police violence towards Afghan workers end in serious clashes with riot police forces in the harbour of Patras, Greece.

Submitted by taxikipali on September 18, 2008

On the 8th of September three Afghan immigrant workers fell victim to port police attack in the harbour area of Patras, Greece. The Red Cross confirms that at least three were taken to hospital with serious injuries. The reaction of the Afghan workers' community to what is widely believed to be yet another act of retribution due to the active participation of Afghan immigrants in the No Borders protest march of the previous week was immediate.

About 200 Afghan immigrants staged a protest next to the containers of gate-7 which the port police illegally uses as detention cells for immigrants caught trying to make the passage to Italy. When the port police special forces tried to move them, clashes broke out leading to one worker seriously injured

After the immigrants marched to the local hospital to deliver their comrade, they, joined by local anarchist and libertarian groups, gathered again in front of the harbour gates where port and riot police forces enganged them.

The clashes that ensued were severe and soon overwhelmed the police forces which failed to block the protesters' entrance to the harbour area. 12 policemen were hospitalised while the Red Cross accuses the police of unlwfully interrogating the injured worker in the clinic.