BNP not ITA in Crawley, West Sussex

Today the BNP in Crawley, who have recently gained branch status, were prevented from holding a pre-arranged press conference at Crawley railway station.

Submitted by libcom on April 27, 2006

A photo-op of them canvassing in the two wards where they are standing in May’s local election, Ifield and Southgate, also failed to materialise due to pressure from local anti-fascists.

Two BNP activists had just finished introducing themselves to the awaiting media at the railway station when anti-fascists arrived on the scene. Unfortunately the BNP didn’t hang around to judge public reaction to their presence and were last seen scuttling into their car, and out driving out of the area.

The planned canvassing in Ifield was similarly ill-fated. The BNP had barely got out of their vehicles before they were back in them. The parting gesture of one of their canvassing team was to honk his horn and shout “Wankers!” to passers-by at the shopping parade – a sure vote winner!