Searchlight for Beginners - Larry O' Hara

Searchlight for Beginners cover

An investigation into anti-fascist magazine Searchlight, and its links with British intelligence services. Despite causing a lot of problems for fascists, Searchlight gathers intelligence on both the right and the left and amongst other things has launched smear campaigns against anarchists. Its agenda is firmly set in the interests of the British liberal capitalist state

Submitted by libcom on April 13, 2005

While the text contains some useful information, it also contains unproved assertions and wild speculation. So while agreeing with the thrust of the text, we would advise readers to approach it with a large pinch of salt.

By Larry O' Hara
First Published by Phoenix Press, PO Box 824, London N1 9DL, in October 1996

ISBN 0-948984-33-3