Bay Area refuse collectors threaten solidarity strikes

The strike may involve workers from across the industry.

Refuse collection teams threaten secondary strikes in solidarity with landfill site workers.

Around 900 Bay Area refuse collectors could refuse to work from Friday in solidarity with landfill site staff across Alameda County. The landfill workers, who belong to International Longshore and Warehouse Union, deal with garbage from 13 different cities, and garbage truck drivers from the Teamster union have promised to honour the strike.

Talks over pay increases, health care co-payments and a two-tier pay system for new employees have ground to a halt, and the landfill workers voted to go out on strike. A compromised pay offer has been made by management, who are asking the workers to contibute towards their own healthcare plans.

The landfill workers have agreed to give 48 hours notice of any strike action, which could see them uniting with refuse collectors and refuse truck drivers over the demands.

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Oct 26 2006 10:00


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