BNP meeting prevented by workers' action

Action by workers at a Doncaster social club has prevented the BNP from holding a meeting.

Submitted by CWF on September 26, 2006

The BNP are attempting to organise in the Doncaster area, probably in preparation for next year's council elections.

They managed to book a meeting for the 27th September at Thorne Democratic Club. On hearing of this, local anti-fascist organisations made plans to stop disrupt the meeting, but any action turned out to be unnecessary. The steward and bar staff took matters into their own hands. The steward threatened to resign and the barstaff refused to work if the meeting went ahead, and consequently it was cancelled.

Class War Federation told us:
"It's not clear why a bunch of BNP scum were allowed to book this meeting in the first place. What is clear, however, is that not all working class people will be duped by the BNP's hidden fascist agenda.

"Tories in jackboots are the last thing we want."