Festival Father Frost against Putin 2019 to take place in January

Father frost against Putin

Next year, 2019, the Father Frost against Putin-festival will once again
take place in Helsinki. From the 5th to the 6th of January you can join
discussions about the state of affairs in Russia and the x-USSR region,
and get a chance to meet various social and political activists without
the fear of police or special service operations. (fear of infringement
from the side of police and special services).

The difficult political and economic situation, compounded by a new wave
of repressions and authoritarianism in Russia and the region provide
ample topics for discussion. The social protests taking place in a
generally difficult geopolitical environment in Europe, the ”Network”
frameup against Russian anti-fascists and events related to it, are just
a small selection of the topics up for discussion.

In this increasingly turbulent context we want to work out and form a
common position in regards to these events, and figure out what to do in
relation to the Putin regime, and other islands of authoritarianism in
the x-USSR.

The festival program will be distributed openly, and will consist of two
parts – presentations and a party. The event is open, and organised in a
country where police harrassment is unlikely.

Place of the event will be announced later If you are interested in
taking part in the festival and you need place to sleep, please fill out
the form below and send it to dedmoroz@riseup.net. Registration is
required only for those, who need help with sleeping places. Deadline to
send your form – January 4 2019.

Event in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/964842413701892/
Event in VK: https://vk.com/ded_against_putin


Name / Nickname:
City / Region / Country:
Dates of stay (from when to when):
How did you find out about the event:
Who can give a recommendation/vouch for you:
Diet, allergies or anything else we need to know (food at the event will
be vegan):
Suggestions for discussions, workshops or inputs that you could offer:
How much time would you need for your workshop/input and what technical


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