Five-day-strike: Report from Manchester Fujitsu strike meeting

Report from January 17th Fujitsu strike meeting in Manchester.

Submitted by Ed on January 18, 2007

A packed meeting of Amicus members this afternoon decided:

1. To elect Dean Burn as a new Rep.

2. That we should continue to be available for dispute talks at any time, but that unlike in November, we should not suspend the action unless there was tangible evidence of good prospects of success, to avoid further time-wasting.

3. That we should escalate the campaign, which includes industrial action, campaigning through the media, political contacts, customers etc and our efforts to help Fujitsu colleagues on other sides get organised.

4. That we should strike for five days from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February, as this gave the maximum impact on Fujitsu for the least cost to ourselves, and so the best chance of a speedy resolution to the dispute.

More detailed information will be circulated soon. Reports from many of last week’s activities are available on the news section of our external web site