An account of the British Film Institute strikes, 2002

Picket line outside the head office

A short personal account of the strikes at the British Film Institute (BFI) in London in 2002.

20,000 Birmingham council workers to strike

20,000 GMB, UNISON, AMICUS, TGWU (Unite) and UCATT members will strike alongside teachers and lecturers against council plans to use ‘Single Status’ negotiations to cut pay and jobs.

Rolls Royce to close Merseyside plant

Rolls Royce workers in strike, Derby 2005

Workers at the Rolls Royce plant in Netherton today claimed the company had given them notice to close the factory with the loss of 220 jobs.

Airbus wildcat strike wave reaches UK

Broughton Airbus plant

The unofficial walkouts at Airbus which swept Europe following the announcement of job cuts hit Wales on Friday.

Five-day-strike: Report from Manchester Fujitsu strike meeting

Report from January 17th Fujitsu strike meeting in Manchester.

Update on Manchester Fujitsu strike

A report from the Amicus union on the recent strike of Fujitsu workers in Manchester, dated December 1st.

UK building workers to prepare for 2012 Olympics

Olympic construction underway

The Olympics will bring much new construction work to London, and some union activists look to the opportunity for a greater say both in the unions they are members of and in the industry itself.

Manchester Fujitsu workers on strike

Workers at a Fujitsu site in Manchester were on strike Monday, and have a further two-day strike planned to begin on Wednesday.

Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

2nd day of our 7th week in dispute with BK.

Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

Strikers on the Hunterston picket

A report from the picket line on the first day of our seventh week in our dispute with BK.