Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

Strikers on the Hunterston picket
Strikers on the Hunterston picket

A report from the picket line on the first day of our seventh week in our dispute with BK.

Submitted by amicus member on October 24, 2006

Last week the SJIB had a board meeting and our dispute was top of the agenda, unfortunately there was no resolution proposed by the board. It seems the SJIB were more concerned that AMICUS had actually allowed us to go on strike even although we are legally entitled to do so. They did suggest that AMICUS should meet with Balfour Kilpatrick in an effort to resolve our dispute.

This meeting took place on Monday of this week. At the meeting it was proposed by Balfour Kilpatrick that we accept an offer to change or terms and conditions from those of the SJIB to the NAECI. The upshot of the deal they offered would effectively mean that by next year we would lose £75 per week worst case and £23 per week at best. Bearing in mind we are actually on strike for the removal of 50p per hour (£18.75 per week) you can see why we rejected their offer. We are still determined in our cause and we will not give up for such derisory offers.

The action today went well and support from those who stop at our picket remains as strong as ever. We have also received support from sympathisers throughout the country both financial and moral. This again was greatly appreciated.

There seemed to be no interference from BE today, maybe they have realised that the harassment they have shown to their own employees in the past has had the opposite effect to that which they desired.
We will continue to picket tomorrow and for as long as it takes to resolve our dispute. We are sure we will receive the same level of support and understanding we have had previously. We do appreciate this and thank those that stop at our picket line for that.