Picket line update from Hunterston nuclear power station

The second week of industrial action at Hunterston nuclear power station began today. We present this report by one of the striking workers from today's picket line.

Submitted by amicus member on September 19, 2006

The 1st day of our 2nd week of industrial action took place today.

Our picket line was moved to the roundabout on the busy A78. This was under protest from ourselves, AMICUS the union, and the local police force against British Energy, who had threatened legal action against us for protesting on their land.

The original picket line (still preferred by the police but ignored by British Energy) was on the access road closest to the site and previously proposed as a suitable location by British Energy.

As on our previous picket lines all concerned continued to abide by rules pertaining to official picketing and adhered to any police advice given throughout the day.
A member of British Energy managerial staff felt it within his rights to stand at our picket line and harass his own employees into adhering to their instructions not to stop or talk to our members under threat of disciplinary reprisal.

This is action taken from a company who do not want to interfere with our dispute with Balfour Kilpatrick. You can draw your own conclusions.

We retire from our picket duties after an arduous 11 hrs of peaceful, law abiding and determined duty.