Hunterston nuclear power stations strike update

2nd day of our 7th week in dispute with BK.

Submitted by amicus member on October 25, 2006

Wednesday’s action continued in a positive manner, at least in our eyes. Harrassment from British Energy on its own employees continued. Why they put up with it we are not entirely sure. We witnessed people noting fellow employees registration numbers, no doubt to gain favour with their own management. What kind of people do this? There was also the presence of senior management just to make sure the minions didn’t step out of line. We know those that support our cause don’t fall in line as easily as they expect. Shame on them who do.

The police were under instruction today to limit the time we could converse with supporters who stop at our picket line. We have and have had a good relation with the police, so there was no great deal of objection to this, as it was probably a result of public pressure. We don’t mean to obstruct the public, but it is out of our control. British Energy could resolve this quite easily and choose not too.

There has been some progress in our dispute. We have decided that there may be a way forward on Balfour Kilpatrick`s previous proposal, if we can minimise the losses in pay which will take place with the loss of our expenses by phasing them out, and switching to the NAECI (National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry) agreement. If this was acceptable to management and they are wiling to compromise, we see this as a positive way forward. This will only happen if Balfour Kilpatrick management are serious about ending this dispute. We did not take this action lightly and will not accept any other derisory offers.

The outcome of any meetings with Balfour Kilpatrick management will determine whether our actions will continue next week.