Hunterston nuclear power station strike - week 4

A striker's report from week four of the strike at Hunterston nuclear power station.

Submitted by amicus member on October 4, 2006


2nd day of the 4th week in our dispute with Balfour Kilpatrick.

Again the resolve of the shop stood up to the rigours of standing all day on a picket line. We were in a jovial mood in not so jovial a situation, but we will remain strong and will see this through to the end.

The management of one of the clients, those clients who do not wish to interfere, chose to interfere. They were out there harassing the police as to why they were not hurrying the traffic along through our picket, as their morning meeting had been delayed. I don’t think they’ve quite got the hang of the idea of what a picket line is trying to achieve, and that it is their own workforce that want to be informed of the progress of our actions in which a lot of them support. We have a legal right to talk to, listen to, and inform any interested party. Due to their interference past and present I don’t think they are gaining any favours from the local constabulary.

If in the next few days our employers are not prepared to settle this dispute, then we will continue our action into its 5th week, staring on Tuesday at 0600hrs.