Sixth week, second day update from Hunterston electricians strike

Second day of our sixth week in our dispute with BK.

Submitted by amicus member on October 18, 2006

Our dispute continued today and we were shown a great deal of support from fellow Hunterston employees. Those employees had to endure long waits at the picket and still had the courtesy to stop and listen. We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate their support and understanding of our plight.

The queues today were longer than in previous days, which again we apologise for. Unfortunately the bloody mindedness of BE management in refusing to let us picket on the access road, which we have to remind you was their choice for the location of our original picket line, is ultimately the reason why public traffic is caught up in our dispute.

We can only hope that by now our employers will realise that we are determined to get our conditions re-instated. Our picket line is there to give those that sympathise with our cause the only legal outlet to show their support. We are sure that without the legal barriers in place the support we would receive would be somewhat different.

The police asked us again if we would move our picket line from the right hand side of the access road. We don’t believe that we are under any obligation to do so, even if we do understand their reasons for making this request. Those employees who wish to show their support must be allowed to do so without any limitations put upon them. By removing our picket from the right hand side of the access road this would limit approaching traffic from the right, their right to support us. We do not think this would be just or fair.

We have received a number of donations to our strike fund from sympathisers to our cause from around the country. We are grateful for the generosity shown by all who have donated. Because of this, any financial hardship suffered in the continuation of our dispute will be somewhat alleviated.

The SJIB board meeting took place today. Unfortunately we have not as yet had any news of the outcome. When we do we will inform you.

Our fight will continue next Tue & Wed unless those who have the power to do so relent and re-instate that which we have lost.