Health worker and bank strikes in Palestine

Banks in Palestine went on a one-day general strike yesterday after a bomb was detonated outside the Arab Bank in Gaza early on Friday.

Submitted by Mike Harman on December 4, 2006

Circumstances surrounding the explosion are unclear and attackers are unknown. A statement by the Association of Banks in Palestine suggested it may be a reprisal for their complicity in the unpaid wages dispute which led to mass strikes by public sector workers, pointing to stone throwing attacks on banks by strikers. Whilst the Palestianian News Network suggested the attackers were not of Palestianian origin at all. It may be that the incident is being used by the Palestianian Authority to villify those workers involved in the unpaid wages dispute.

Health workers ended their four month strike over unpaid wages after unions and finance minister Abu Aisha signed an agreement for payment of one month's wages in order to end the dispute.