Locals attack police station after renewed repression of open refuse-dump related protests in south Corfu

The 3 month long protest against an open refuse-dump in south Corfu escalates to violent attack against police station after yet another repression of local protests. 2 men, including the village priest are held for subversion and rebellion.

Submitted by taxikipali on August 10, 2008

On Saturday 9/08 the peacefull protests by residents of Lefkimi against the creation of an open refuse-dump at the periphery of their village were once again met with police repression: the riot-police made extened use of tear gas and disregarded home-asylum laws by attacking residents with battons within their very backyards. As a response to the continuing violence which last May left one woman mortally wounded, as well as to the 3 month occupation of their village by riot-police forces which inhibits them to cultivate their fields, the residents of Lefkimi have escalated their struggle against what they decry as colonialist policies of Athens. Hours after the violent dispersal of their protest, 100 residents attacked the police station of the municipality with stones and molotov cocktails causing severe damages to the building and official vehicles, while injuring several riot-policemen. The greek police has arrested a young man and the village priest for inciting "subversion and rebellion against the State".