Mahmoud Salehi's message from prison for the March 6 Day of Solidarity

Imprisoned labor leader Mahmoud Salehi, one of the Saqqez 7 and member of Komiteye Hamahangi sends a statement in solidarity with workers and participants of the March 6 international day of solidarity with imprisoned Iranian labor activists.

Submitted by mobarez on March 7, 2008

Mahmoud Salehi’s Message to All Workers and concerned organizers and participants of the March 6th Global Day of Action.

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) and the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and their affiliates along with colleagues of the Global Unions Federations are organizing an international action day on March 6th for workers’ rights in Iran and the freedom of Mansour Osanloo and me (Mahmoud Salehi). For my part, I gracefully appreciate such militant actions.

There is no avoidance of the struggle for the creation of independent workers’ organizations!!

Workers’ movement has grown in the context of aggravation of economic crisis, factory close downs, mass dismissal of workers, excessive increase of inflation that lowered the working people’s purchasing power, and generally widening of the class gap… as the result of all this Workplaces have turned into a battle field of class struggle for workers in order to meet their demands. Worker activists were raised and taken their roles within such struggles.

The close relationship between these fed-up masses and progressive workers has helped labour activists to adapt their views and behaviors to the realities of life and struggles of workers. Consequently, they have conveyed the proper ways of thinking and acting towards mass workers. Living and working with their co-workers, activists are telling them that the only way out of this terrifying misery, from poverty and starvation, from unemployment, from collective dismissal, and so on, is to fight with the capitalist system and to organize independent workers’ organizations. They tell their colleagues that an independent worker’s organization will empower them against the harsh onslaught of capitalism; that with their labour organization, they will be in a better position in their battle with capitalists; that they can set their wages up from a powerful position. Through their independent organizations, workers can establish the achievements of their struggle step by step.

Dear honorable and hard-working colleagues and fellow workers!

As the result of the efforts of truthful activists of labour movement, international rights’ organizations are now recognizing us as a working class with legitimate demands. As one of the labour activists, who is imprisoned in this capitalist country, I am proud to see such a day in the name of workers in Iran because I now know that the world’s working class has never easily accepted the imprisonment of these activists and has always fought for their freedom. They will not let the persecution and imprisonment of workers to become an obstacle or barrier in their rightful struggle.

On March 6th, I will be joyful, even behind the bars of my cell, dreaming of unity and solidarity amongst workers. At this day, workers in Iran should be cheerful while their enemies would grieve!

I will see myself among you, arm in arm, by your side and fighting with you; and I, along with you, will emphasis that there is no avoidance of the struggle for the creation of independent workers’ organizations!

Mahmoud Salehi - Central Prison of the City of Sanandaj, Iran
March 04, 2008