Manchester United fans fight back

A press release by the Manchester Education Committee group of Man Utd supporters who disrupted a reserve team game.

Submitted by libcom on October 8, 2004

PRESS RELEASE - Operation Havana, 07-10-2004

The Manchester Education Committee was extremely disturbed to see the platform MUTV offered to a Malcolm Glazer stooge on Tuesday night and it was decided action was necessaryto redress this propaganda imbalance. With that in mind on Thursday 7th October a collection of Manchester United fans and shareholders undertook an operation on behalf of the Manchester Education Committee to disrupt a reserve match, screened by MUTV, at Altrincham.

This operation should also serve as a warning to any party interested in taking over Manchester United: they will not be allowed to succeed unless they take into account the wishes of Manchester United supporters.

For far too long the wishes of Manchester United fans, and football fans in general, have been ignored as clubs sacrifice everything at the altar of commercialism. The Manchester Education Committee would like to stress that in the event of the wishes of Manchester United supporters being ignored in any takeover situation, that we intend to initiate a civil war effectively setting the football club – the supporters – against the company. In such a situation it is our intention to render the club ungovernable and actively disrupt all manner of commercial activity associated with Manchester United. The club’s sponsors and commercial partners should note that the Manchester Education Committee will view them as legitimate targets.

For now, the Manchester Education Committee would like to encourage United fans to carry on with the targeting of Brunswick, Glazer’s appointed PR company, which has been on-going in recent days.