Peiraeus dockworkers on new 48h strike

Dockworkers in Peiraeus defy political pressure by extending their strike for another 48h.

Submitted by taxikipali on November 9, 2009

Peiraeus dockworkers have defied mounting political pressure to return to work, after their second round of striking, by announcing another 48h strike that will result in a total week of no import or export from the harbour's main commercial pier.

The strike, announced on Sunday 8/11, comes a blow to the government which has been promising a solution to the crisis since its election in early October. Characteristically, the Prime Minister is being reported to have refused to participate in the handling of Pier II to COSCO whenever the deal is implemented. The refusal has been received angrily by the Chinese corporation. Replying to the Minister of Economy's question of what legitimises the forced freezing of commerce, the dockworkers have replied that the only valid legitimation of a struggle is the struggle itself.

In the morning of Monday 9/11 the dockworkers staged a demo at the high court of Peiraeus in protest of a law-suit against them by the Commercial Bureau of Peiraeus for financial losses. At this moment more than 5,000 containers are immobilised in the harbour, while more than 400 manufacture industries have given their workers a leave due to lack of raw material.

The Minister of the Economy has once again denied any possibility of conscripting the workers.