Poultry strikers demand better working conditions

Over 40 workers at the Delmon Poultry Company in Bahrain staged a wildcat strike yesterday.

Submitted by Steven. on January 11, 2008

Gulf News reported that the Labour Ministry had to intervene after the firm's sales and marketing department refused to work.

It meant no chickens were delivered by the company yesterday since the department covers distribution, Delmon Poultry Company Employees Union chairman Sayed Salman Jaffar Al Mahfood told the GDN.

Employees were unhappy at what they described as the company's refusal to listen to their demands for better conditions.

Their demands include a new domestic poultry sales office, along with the establishment of a workers' savings scheme and a training and development plan.

He said the strike, which ran from 7am to 2pm, was the result of a lack of action by management.

"When we had a meeting the management did not answer any of our demands," Mr Al Mahfood claimed.

"However, there was one positive outcome - we received a phone call from the Labour Ministry Under-Secretary Shaikh Abdulrahman bin Abdulla Al Khalifa.

"We welcomed the intervention and asked him to call the manager and set a date for a meeting."

He said the conversation resulted in the scheduling of a meeting between Shaikh Abdulrahman and manager Yousif Saleh Al Saleh on Sunday to discuss the workers' demands.

"We will stop the strike until Sunday and if none of our demands are met, we will pursue other measures which we will announce later," he said.

"We hope that after the meeting, at least some of our demands will be met and we will not have to resort to other measures."

Company management were unavailable for comment last night.