Repression against striking workers in Italy

Zerocalcare Piacenza

After blockades and a succesful strike at TNT-Fedex in Piacenza massive police operations and violence against workers and unionists:

On March 10, 2021 police tried to crush the picket in front of texprint textile factory in Prato, Italy. The workers there have been fighting for over 40 days for normal working conditions and legal contracts.
Six workers were hospitalized. Two days later a lorrie driver tried to kill or injure workers at the same picket, driving at them, as you can see in this video:

On the same day in Piacenza police searched 21 Fedex-TNT workers' flats. Against seven workers a deportation case has been opened. Most of the warehouse workers in the region are migrants.
Two SI Cobas unionists have been put under house arrest. This action came after a successful strike at the Piacenza Fedex-TNT warehouse, won through a 13 days picket. The police had attacked the picket shooting teargas at chest height, but with the help of workers from nearby warehouses, they were able to defend themselves.

on March 13, 2021, 3.000 workers came to Piacenza to protest against this wave of repression.

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Johanna Schellhagen
Mar 15 2021 14:11


  • "The war on who works doesn't stop during Corona. - Neither does our resistance."

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Mar 15 2021 18:23

This short text from the ICP also covers some of the same ground:
Argues strongly for united 'rank-and-file' action across the unions (although doesn't go into the politics behind those continuing divisions).

Mar 17 2021 10:39

So elsewhere on libcom another report and more extensive political comment from the ICT/CWO based on their Italian affiliate's work, here:
also has some cross references to what's happening in the UK just now.