Romania: Workers strike at Dacia-Renault

10,000 workers have walked out of the Dacia-Renault car plant for improved wages.

Submitted by Alex... on March 24, 2008

The indefinite strike was launched on Monday in protest at the low level of wages at the plant, which is situated some 68 miles northwest of Bucharest.

80% of workers have joined the strike, and are demanding a monthly increase of 550 lei (€150), a share of company profits, higher bonuses at Christmas and Easter and a discount on cars produced at the factory. Last year saw Dacia experience record sales.

The average wage at Dacia-Renault stands at 1064 lei (€283), with monthly earnings for the lowest-paid employees at about 602 lei (€160), well below the national average. The increases demanded by workers amount to a nearly 100% wage increase for many.

Management at the Renault-owned plant have sought an injunction to force the strikers back to work, claiming that unions ignored required negotiation periods before launching the strike. The company has, however, offered a 19% pay hike, and negotiations have begun.

The strike follows an earlier walkout on March 14, when workers on the morning shift downed tools in a two hour protest.