Sweden: Wildcat strikes break out in mines

Sweden: Wildcat strikes break out in mines

Miners at Sweden's state-owned mining company LKAB started the unsanctioned walkout on Monday, and on Tuesday morning work was at a standstill in Kiruna, in the far north of Sweden.

Harry Rantakyrö, chairman of the mineworkers' union told thelocal.se "In Malmberget [in Lappland] there was a complete stoppage in the mines last night. And I have not heard anything other than that it will continue today."

Rantakyrö said he will contact LKAB management on Tuesday and pass on the miners' demands for continued wage negotiations at the local level. Rantakyrö called on the striking miners to return to work, but he said there was little hope of them doing so without measures from the management.

"The members have said that without negotiations resuming they will not return to work," he said.

The miners are demanding rises of 4,000 kronor (US$594) a month. The company offered them 800 kronor. LKAB's management said the demand was unreasonable, and said that as far as it was concerned local wage negotiations had been concluded.

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May 10 2007 16:07


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