Hospital workers across Edmonton walk out on wildcat strike

A crowd of hundreds of wildcat strikers surrounds the Royal Alexandra Hospital

Hundreds of support workers at the Royal Alexandra and University of Alberta hospitals in Canada walked out this morning in a dispute over pay and conditions.

So far dozens of surgeries have been cancelled as diagnostic imaging clerks, cleaners and technicians downed tools at at least 12 different sites at 7 AM.

The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees stated that they believed workers at Mayerthorpe, Radway, Peace River and Claresholm were also either taking or considering taking similar action.

One worker told the Edmonton Journal:
<blockquote> “They are constantly adding more duties to our work, without an increase in pay… We’re fed up with our conditions, our pay. Cost of living is going up, but my pay is not.” </blockquote>

Workers are still providing life and limb cover for emergencies, and blamed their employer for provoking staff in negotiations around working conditions.

The employer has applied for a Labour Relations Board order to force strikers back to work. The Board is due to meet later today.

Please post updates or reports if you have more information, or if you are taking part in the action.

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Feb 16 2012 20:47


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