Anarchist Workers Association

Libertarian Communist Review

An archive of Libertarian Communist Review, an irregular theoretical journal produced by the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists/Anarchist Workers Association in the 1970s.

Libertarian Struggle/Anarchist Worker

An archive of Libertarian Struggle/Anarchist Worker, a publication produced by the Organisation of Revolutionary Anarchists and then the Anarchist Workers' Association in the 1970s. Originally scanned and digitised by the Sparrow's Nest.

The Dublin McDonald's strike, 1979

Dublin McDonald's strikers

A post-mortem of the 6 month strike by ITGWU members at Ireland's first two branches of McDonald's in Dublin by the Anarchist Workers Association.

Anarchist communism in Britain, 1870-1991

The AF outlines the history of anarchist communism in the UK from the Socialist League in the 1800s through the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation up to the demise of the groups of the 1970s and 80s.