CGT (Spain)

Enduring anarchy

An article on anarchism in Barcelona, mostly focusing on the CNT.

The UGTT: caught between struggle and betrayal

The Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail (UGTT - Tunisian General Labour Union), the sole union in Tunisia up to now, has for many years played an ambiguous role as part of the dictatorial state apparatus with multiple links to the ruling party while being at the same time the centre of combative, independent trade unionism.

In the heart of Tunisia. Thala: the occupied police station

The second instalment of a series of reports from a couple of CGT members visiting Tunisia. Here, the author visits the town of Thala in the northwest, where the people's protests led to the local police taking to their heels.

The Spanish CGT: the new anarcho-syndicalism - Larry Gambone

2004 opinion and assessment of the CGT in Spain by a Canadian anarchist, with which we do not agree but reproduce here for reference and discussion.

Red and Black (and Brown) Hypocrisy

Turning a blind eye to right-wing involvement in syndicalist movements.

2004: National telemarketing strike in Spain

A brief account of a nationwide strike of telemarketing workers in Spain to establish a collective contract in the sector.

Organizing worker struggles through direct democracy: the Barcelona bus drivers struggle for two days off, 2007-2008

An account of the Barcelona bus workers victory.

Interview with a CGT member about the union, 1998

An interview with a member of the Spanish syndicalist union, the CGT. We do not necessarily agree with many points in this article, but reproduce for reference.