Jacques Chirac

Announcements to be made Monday as the right seek to end crisis

The government should outline an exit with the crisis of the CPE tomorrow (Monday).

Poll: Villepin and Chirac share loss of face as CPE reinforces trade unions

Villepin and Chirac

According to a poll it is the high school and university trade unions who have been most "reinforced" by the CPE crisis, say to 67% of the French public.

1 April: Latest CPE protest news

Caen motorway blockade

Updates from the CPE struggle in France, including a motorway blockade in Caen, demonstrations in Paris, new photos and more.

Report from demonstrations in Bordeaux

An eyewitness account from Bordeaux, where our correspondent Jay Taylor saw spontaneous marches through the streets after Chirac's speech last night.

Chirac CPE speech in full

Chirac delivering his CPE speech

libcom.org presents a translation of President Jacques Chirac's CPE speech in full.

Spontaneous demonstrations against Chirac

People gather at the Place de la Bastille

Several thousand people took part in demonstrations in Paris to protest against the promulgation of the CPE.

Chirac speaks as students gather across France

Chirac addresses nation

Latest news on President Jacques Chirac's speech to the nation on the CPE, and responses to it.

31 March: Summary of today's events

Today's latest developments in the struggle against the new French employment law the CPE.

Constitutional Council approves legality of CPE - Chirac to address nation

Palais Royal

The Conseil Constitionnel has deemed the CPE to be constitutionally legal tonight. The President, Jacques Chirac, will now to speak to the nation.

Chirac, Sarkozy and Villepin to present united front

Rough translation of reports at lemonde.fr.