Poll: Villepin and Chirac share loss of face as CPE reinforces trade unions

Villepin and Chirac
Villepin and Chirac

According to a poll it is the high school and university trade unions who have been most "reinforced" by the CPE crisis, say to 67% of the French public.

Submitted by alibi on April 9, 2006

The survey, by pollsters CSA for Le Parisien/Aujourd'hui en France and i-TELE, says that over 80% of the French now judge that the Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin (86%) and President Jacques Chirac (85%) have been "weakened" by the CPE crisis. Only 9% of the questioned people said that Villepin had been "reinforced", and 4% could not decide.

According to the survey, it is the unions of students and high-school pupils who leave most "reinforced" by the crisis, with 67%, followed by the trade unions of workers with 60%, and then on 53%, both Nicolas Sarkozy and the left wing opposition.

25% of those probed, judge that the student trade unions and high-school pupils "are weakened", 28% for the trade unions of workers, 36% for Nicolas Sarkozy and 31% for the left.

Concerning the extreme right Front National, 39% of the questioned people find it "weakened" by the crisis, and 38% find it "reinforced", 10% judge it "neither weakened, nor reinforced" and 13% could not decide.

This was a rough translation for libcom.org of part of an article from Le Figaro.