31 March: Summary of today's events

Today's latest developments in the struggle against the new French employment law the CPE.

Submitted by alibi on March 31, 2006

-Socialist MP François Holland warns Jacques Chirac that in his broadcast tonight, sticking with the CPE would open "a major crisis"

-"the fever mounts" writes Le Parisian after yesterdays day of blockings by high-school pupils, and the constitutional Council Decision to validate the CPE

-Chirac should give its green light to the CPE write La Tribune, Les Echos also predict Chirac will give the law the green light tonight.

-Jacques Chirac and Domenique de Villepin met this morning "at "length" to determine together the final position of the President of the Republic" who will make a statement this evening at 8pm

-the parties of left, who met today, request "solemnly" that Jacques Chirac withdraw the CPE

-All but three schools blockaded in Dijon

-High-school pupils block roundabouts in the towns of Midi-Pyrénées

-Office of Tourism in Marseilles blocked by cultural and arts workers

-58 universities disturbed by the anti-CPE movement, the Ministry for Education say

-"The SNCF [rail authority] draws the alarm on the risks for the safety which the occupations of stations represent"

-The trade unions of high-school pupils call for "all the high-school pupils of France" to gather in cities from 7.30pm

-A hundred high-school pupils organize a sit-in at the Places de la Bastille in Paris

-approximately 300 high-school pupils of Vitre block the departure of the cycle race La Roate Adelie to protest against the CPE