Nicolas Sarkozy

The rage of the slums - Miguel Amorós

Miguel Amorós discusses the French riots of 2005, which he considers in the context of deindustrialization and the permanent exclusion of the underclass from the labor market, who were then stigmatized as a “public enemy” “in order to obtain the absolute submission” of the rest of the population, observing that the slums are “the laboratory for spectacular domination where the social management of the future was tested” and “political experiments were carried out in vivo that were later applied to all domains of society, when all of society had been transformed into a slum” and “the cities were being evacuated to provide accommodations only to tourists and elites”.

Behind the unrest in France, 2007

A general assembly - (c)

Jef Costello examines the reasons behind the recent wave of strikes and university occupations in France.

France: university strikes and occupations against Sarkozy

After the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France there have been successive protests each night, mostly ending in confrontation with the police.

Silent protest held for two victims of French police

This Friday marked the first anniversary of the deaths of Zyed Benna and Bouna Traoré, who were electrocuted in an electricity substation while hiding from the police. Their deaths sparked off a wave of rioting across the French suburbs which left over 10000 vehicles burnt, 300 buildings destroyed, over 6000 arrests, 1328 imprisoned, 224 police/firefighters injured.

Announcements to be made Monday as the right seek to end crisis

The government should outline an exit with the crisis of the CPE tomorrow (Monday).

Poll: Villepin and Chirac share loss of face as CPE reinforces trade unions

Villepin and Chirac

According to a poll it is the high school and university trade unions who have been most "reinforced" by the CPE crisis, say to 67% of the French public.

Chirac speaks as students gather across France

Chirac addresses nation

Latest news on President Jacques Chirac's speech to the nation on the CPE, and responses to it.

Manoeuvring Sarkozy floats compromise over CPE

Nicolas Sarkozy, the Interior Minister and General Secretary for the UMP (the party of the government) has spoken his mind for the first time on the issue of the CPE.

Sarkozy blames riots on suburban "delinquents"

Sarkozy has spoken, and again he's living up to his reputation.

Chirac, Sarkozy and Villepin to present united front

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