fan fiction

Buffy the anarcho-syndicalist: Capitalism bites

Buffy the anarcho-syndicalist

An excellent detourned comic from 2004 about Buffy, the anarcho-syndicalist vampire-slayer.

A communist encounter with the anti-authoritarian warrior society

Several decades after the global libertarian communist revolution, a worker-delegate travels to the rewilded former Canada to carry out a humanitarian mandate...

The adventures of Tintin: breaking free

The Adventures of Tintin: Breaking Free is an anarchist parody of the popular Tintin series of comics. An exercise in detournement, the book was written under the pseudonym J. Daniels.

Crack Fix Propaganda: A work of fan fiction

Fan fiction about a day in the life misanthropic animal rights nutter "anarchist" punk, Crack Fix Propaganda.

The Adventures of Username 2045 AD

A futuristic dystopian epic also starring Ujiee the primmo girl, Username's beautiful life partner Skippy, Wayne, Revol68, Steven., redyred and supporting cast...

The making of an anarchist - Wayne Foster

Wayne Foster recounts his turbulent early life and how it led to him becoming an anarchist.