Strike and upheaval: The myth of trickle-down, Guinea edition

Street protests in Guinea

Joschka Philipps on the recent teachers' strike and student/youth street protests in Guinea, which broke the mold of prior protests in the country in several different ways.

French West African Rail Workers Strike: 1947-48

In 1947 rail workers in French West Africa (Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast and Guinea) struck throughout the region in protest over a discriminatory benefit regime.

Return to the Source: Selected Speeches of Amilcar Cabral

Return to the Source: Selected Speeches of Amilcar Cabral

This volume contains some of the principal speeches Cabral delivered in his last years during visits to the United States.

Guinea: General strike ends with appointment of new PM


Union leaders in Guinea once again suspended a general strike on Tuesday a nationwide strike after President Lansana Conte (pictured) agreed to appoint a new prime minister.

Guinean general strike continues as martial law relaxed


Life is slowly returning to relative normality in Guinea now that the government has eased a curfew imposed after nationwide unrest, but the general strike is ongoing.

23 dead in continued clashes in Guinea strike

23 people have been reported dead after further clashes between striking workers and goverment forces in Guinea.

Guinean general strike ends

Guinean unions have called off a general strike that has crippled the nation and led to deadly clashes, after a deal was reached with the government.

Guinea: Police clash with general strike

Security forces in Guinea have fired live rounds, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse protesters on the sixth day of a national strike.

General strike brings Guinea to its knees

A general strike over falling living standards paralysed Guinea on Thursday with activity grinding to a halt in spite of government warnings and the presence of armed riot police on the streets.

Guinea: Five day general strike begins

The capital of Guinea was brought to a standstill today on the first of a five-day general strike over wages and pensions.