Harry Cleaver

On Schoolwork and the Struggle Against It - Harry Cleaver

“On Schoolwork and the Struggle Against It” is an article about the organisation of and resistance to the contemporary capitalist university by Harry Cleaver, a relatively well known autonomist Marxist and professor of economics at the University of Texas in Austin.

The Chiapas Uprising and the Future of Class Struggle in the New World Order

Autonomist Marxist, Harry Cleaver, analyses the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas and its relevence to class struggle in the era of globalisation.

The Zapatistas and the International Circulation of Struggle - Lessons Suggested and Problems Raised

A variation of this Paper, originally prepared for the conference on "Globalization from Below" at Duke in February 1998, presented to the INET'98 Conference in Geneva in July 1998.

Karl Marx: Economist or Revolutionary?

Harry Cleaver's analysis of Marx's work as more than mere economics but as a revolutionary tool for the working class.

The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle *DRAFT*

What follows is a DRAFT of a chapter of a book on the Zapatistas and revolution at the beginning of the XXIst Century. The book, edited by John Holloway in Mexico City, will consist of a collection of new articles, mostly from Mexican scholars and political analysts. This essay should be quoted only with permission from the author.

An Interview with Harry Cleaver

Interview with American autonomist Marxist, Harry Cleaver.

The Inversion of Class Perspective in Marxian Theory: From Valorization to Self-valorization

An article on contemporary Marxism by US academic Harry Cleaver.

Introduction to Antonio Negri's Marx beyond Marx

Harry Cleaver's beautifully written introduction to Antonio Negri's autonomist classic, Marx Beyond Marx.

Nature, Neoliberalism and Sustainable Development: Between Charybdis and Scylla

Harry Cleaver's paper on the effects of capitalist development on the environment.