Israel: Histadrut to allow migrants entry under pressure from rival union federation

Histadrut logo

Histadrut, the biggest Israeli trade union federation, has declared that it will be allowing legal migrant workers to become members as early as March 2010. Sources from Kav LaOved claim that this is a result of pressure from competing federation Koach La Ovdim, as the latter gains ground in traditional Histadrut areas and is also starting to make headway into the migrant labor section.

Israeli wildcat strikers kicked out of union

In unprecedented move, the Histadrut union federation has ousted leaders of last weeks wildcat strike on Israel Railways.

Aftermath of wildcat at Israel Railways

Israel Railways train station.

Using an inside source, an Israeli libertarian communist constructs an analysis of the picture behind the scenes at the recent wildcat of Israel Railways workers. For context, see the original news update.

Wildcat strike in Tel Aviv airport

Airport chaos as flights are delayed.

Hundreds of Israel Airports Authority employees protested yesterday afternoon opposite the organization's headquarters after declaring a general strike at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Israel: Dimona rail workers on wildcat strike

Typical Israeli Train

Workers at the Dimona train station went on strike Thursday (May 29th) to protest the firing of a veteran comrade.

General strike shuts down Israel

This post office, like hundreds of others, have been closed by strike action

A general strike brought Israel's economy to a near halt Wednesday as all but emergency services shut down.

Israeli general strike called off as negotiations begin

Chair of Histadrut Labour Federation

The public sector strike scheduled to begin Wednesday morning has been postponed indefinitely, Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini decided Tuesday after meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Israeli civil servants will strike if not paid by this Friday

Following on from the recent general strike, civil servants are threatening strike action if their wages continue to be unpaid by Friday.

Israel: general strike to continue tomorrow

The Israeli public sector general strike which saw airports and government offices closed last week is likely to resume tomorrow following another collapse in negotiations.

Courts stall Israeli general strike

Hit - transport and air travel

The general public sector strike called by the Histadrut Labor Federation was halted Thursday morning after the National Labor Court ordered a suspension, but unpaid municipal employees might still have to wait another week to receive their long-due salaries.