Hong Kong

Black vs yellow: class antagonism and Hong Kong’s umbrella movement

Translation: "Civil Disobedience"

Best English article so far on Hong Kong's "Umbrella Revolution" and its background, limitations, and prospects from a Marxist perspective, based on first-hand research.

Police attack protests in Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong flee tear gas

A short introduction to the ongoing protests and police attacks in Hong Kong.

"I work beside my shit. I eat beside my shit.": impressions from the dockworkers strike in Hong Kong

An article by Frido Wenten based on talking with a dockworker in Hong Kong during the Spring 2013 strikes.

State repression of activists in China

Zhang Shujie and 'Long Hair'

Here's a TV clip commenting on the state repression of activists in China, more specifically the case of Zhang Shujie, a supporter of the Hong Kong branch of socialist grouping Committee for a Workers International (CWI).

Occupy Central Hong Kong

Occupy Central Hong Kong

This is just a personal insight in to the Occupy Central Hong Kong (OCHK) camp. Hopefully it gives a bit more of an idea of what is going on there.

Hong Kong: Where anarchists and blackbirds sing about freedom

Brief report on anarchist elements in the Hong Kong activist scene ca. 2009, focusing on Lenny Guo of the band Blackbird, veteran of the 70s Front.

More protests in China

Hong Kong airport

There have been further protests by workers in China as the economic crisis prompts attacks on conditions, jobs and pay.

1922: The Hong Kong strike

The history of a huge general strike in Hong Kong which won many concessions, including a 20% pay hike.

Hong Kong Phooey - WTO conference ends with the usual promises

After its Hong Kong summit, at which thousands of people demonstrated and fought with riot police SchNEWS examines the differences between the WTO’s words and its practices.

On tap at the WTO: Private water

The focus of the Hong Kong round for rich western nations is to squeeze every drop of money they can by privatising public services. When it comes to water systems, that can be deadly.