The Iceland women’s strike, 1975

Women on strike in Reykjavik, 1975

A short history of the strike, or day off, by 90% of women in Iceland for equality with men on 24 October, 1975, written by Steven Johns.

State Repression in Iceland: Nine People Taken to Court With Serious Accusations

One of the accused and a policeman on the parliament balcony

The legal aftermaths of Iceland’s last winter revolt are now being determined. Nine individuals - including several anarchists - have been accused of breaking several laws, including one, which violation is supposed to be punished with a minimum one year’s jail sentence, maximum lifetime. The court case was originally set in February and heavily responded to by a lot of people, but was dismissed because of family relations between the state prosecutor and one of the parliament’s security guards. The filing of the case took place Thursday March 11th and will be continued Friday April 9th.

The Icelandic government has collapsed... and what?

Pink-painted Parliament and Police - January 20th

The Icelandic Government has collapsed and some people talk about a revolution. In a way it is true. Simply ordinary people turned this government down by writing articles, holding speeches, noise demonstrations, bonfires, car horns, direct action, civil disobedience and sabotage. A nation that before had no sign of life, only citizen obedience and servility, finally stood up and said: “No thanks! No more shit.”

Icelandic protestors cut live transmission of annual party political TV show

On December 31st, we witnessed a unique action here in Iceland. The action worked out perfectly in that we managed to do what we wanted, to disrupt and stop the TV transmission.

Actions continue in Iceland

Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. More protests and direct actions against capitalism and the government are taking place. Here is a summary of what has been happening for the last week or so.

Economic crisis and direct action in Iceland photo gallery, 2008

Images from the social unrest following the collapse of the banking system in Iceland in 2008. More images can be found on flickr here.

Economic crisis and direct action in Iceland

Since early this winter, Iceland has been facing economic crisis. People are getting angry, some of them wanting back the “good old” prosperity, while others and hopefully the majority, are realizing the real cost of capitalism.