[GCI-ICG] Theses on the revolution and counterrevolution in the Spanish region during the 1930s

We publish here a historical document, elaborated in 1997 by comrades of the Internationalist Communist Group (ICG), which synthesizes in the form of theses the programmatic ruptures reached by our community of struggle regarding the revolution and counterrevolution in Spain during the 1930s.

Against work, against labour - GCI-ICG

Excerpt from the Theses of Programmatical Orientation by Internationalist Communist Group.

Our class memory, on The Beast of Property by Johann Most - Communism #8

The Internationalist Communist Group's introduction to Johann Most's text 'Beast of Property', in which they critically examine the notion that Social Democracy was the revolutionary pole of the workers' movement prior to 1914.

Atividade humana contra o trabalho - GCI

Texto de 1982 em que é analisado como as diversas atividades humanas foram subjugadas e desqualificadas sob a forma "trabalho" para servir à sociedade da mercadoria, à acumulação do capital. Critica as ideologias do trabalho e de exaltação do "operário", do auto-sacrifício e da renúncia. E afirma que a emancipação do proletariado se afirma pela abolição do trabalho.

Contra o trabalho - GCI

Trecho contra o trabalho das Teses de Orientação Programática do Grupo Comunista Internacionalista, publicadas originalmente em 1979.

Class War 05/2016: On the margins of Fidel Castro’s death…

The Cuban national television has just announced this November 26th, 2016 the death of Fidel Castro, who died at the “venerable” age of 90. This counterrevolutionary old fogey will be celebrated in Cuba, where nine days of national mourning is declared, as well as all over the world by the bourgeois international left (i.e. the left and far left bourgeoisie).

Islamic State, A Project Of Civil Society

Beyond the clichés that portray the Islamic State as simply a barbaric and fanatical occupation force shot up with petrodollars from smuggling, we cannot grasp it in its reality without considering its full dimension as a social project...

Communism against democracy: theses - GCI-ICG

These theses were first published in February 1984 in issue #19 of 'Le Communiste' the French-language journal of the Internationalist Communist Group. The French language original can be found on the GCI website. This translation has not been made by them.

9-11 And Radical Islamism

Bin Laden, Taliban, ayatollahs and generally speaking radical Islamists are our enemies for the same reason that all States and religions are. However, we have to recognize that their bombing attacks provided them with a stronger aura of radicalism than the one they had before.

O leninismo contra a revolução - Segunda parte: o leninismo como supressor da ruptura comunista - GCI-ICG

Texto que analisa os métodos do leninismo para canalizar a energia do proletariado para a defesa do capital e do Estado, detalhando a participação decisiva do leninismo na contra-revolução mundial que esmagou a luta do proletariado desde 1917.