Jared Sacks

New Report on Repression of the Landless People's Movement in Johannesburg

Landless People's Movement

This statement, from the Landless People's Movement (LPM), welcomes the new report and links to a pdf of the report.

F*ck the police - Jared Sacks

Jared Sacks provides a critique of the police from South Africa where the ANC is increasingly responding to mass protest with murder at the hands of the police.

Uprising in the Cape Winelands - self-organised farmworkers reject union attempts to end their strike

Fires set during farm workers' protests.

Driving through the Hex River Valley after Wednesday’s chaotic protests feels like entering a ghost town. Yet when one manages to find residents and speak to them, it becomes crystal clear that the farm workers are planning to hold out for their wage demands – and that few of them know anything of the well-publicised promises that they would be back at work this week.

Marikana prequel: NUM and the murders that started it all

The coverage of the Marikana massacre seems to start with the mass killings of 16 August. But that’s not where, or how the violence started, and it wasn’t rivalry between unions, either. Rewind a few days and prepare for goosebumps: you’ll find a web of conspiracy around two murders which not reported in the media and ended in no arrests, but scared the living daylights out of the workers before the weeks of horror started.

On the politics of protest in Cape Town

Jared Sacks on popular protest, disruption, and violence in South Africa in the wake of the Lonmin Massacre.

Cape Town: Attempt to occupy Rondebosch Common

Yesterday more than forty people were arrested in a major police operation to prevent the occupation of the Rondebosch Common in an elite suburb of Cape Town - the most unequal city in South Africa, which has now surpassed Brazil as the most unequal country in the world.

The climate change revolution will not be funded

Jared Sacks on the civil society/NGO exploitation of grassroots organizations at the United Nations COP 17 meeting on global warming in Durban.

Two Reports from Occupy South Africa

Two reports from Occupy South Africa from a libertarian perspective.