John Holloway

Clock time and life-time saving

In, against and beyond labour - Interview with John Holloway

Gordon Asher, Leigh French, Neil Gray in an exchange with John Holloway for the Variant paper.

Change the World Without Taking Power? Or Take Power to Change the World? A Debate on Strategies on How to Build Another World

In this pamphlet compiled by the international Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), critics respond to John Holloway's Change the World Without Taking Power, and Holloway responds in turn.

Crack capitalism - John Holloway

Holloway argues for change through the expansion and multiplication of 'cracks' in the capitalist system, where human activity proceeds to a different logic to that of capital.

Change the world without taking power - John Holloway

The full text of John Holloway's popular, influential and debate-provoking book, originally published in 2002.

Open Marxism volume 3: emancipating Marx

Third volume of Bonefeld, Gunn and Psychopedis’ ‘Open Marxism’ collection.

In and against the state

Book from 1979 discussing the experience of working class people, mostly socialists, in working within the public sector in the late 1970s, or relying upon it as service provider; and the contradictions that reveals.

The red rose of Nissan - John Holloway

British Leyland workers strike in 1979

Following the opening of a new Nissan factory in Sunderland in 1986, John Holloway analyses changes in the British car industry over the previous two decades, in particular how workers' organisation at British Leyland was broken up to usher in a new age of "harmony" and increased exploitation.

Review - Change the world without taking power by John Holloway - Red and Black Notes

Red and Black Notes review of Change the World without Taking Power by John Holloway. The full text of this can be found here.