Khamsin #12: The Gulf war/Arab nationalism and the Palestinian struggle

The 12th issue of Khamsin, focused on the Iraq-Iran war, but also with articles on the Palestinian struggle and Arab nationalism.

Khamsin #08: Politics of religion in the Middle East

Eight issue of Khamsin with articles on Orientalism, Judaism and its attitude to non-Jews, Islam religion, zionism and secularism and more.

Khamsin #10: Israel and its war in Lebanon

10th issue of Khamsin published in 1983 about the Israel-Lebanon war, class divisions in Israel, the rise of Islam and its influence on women and more.

Khamsin #09: Politics of religion/Capitalism in Egypt

The ninth issue of Khamsin, published in 1981, about Zionist ideology, the role of the Shi'i clergy in Iranian politics, Judaism and its attitudes to non-Jews and more.

Khamsin: Palestine: profile of an occupation

Collection of essays focusing on the Israeli attitudes and policies which brought about the first Intifada. It covers the economic dislocation of Palestinians, settler politics in Jerusalem as well as the conditions and types of work available to Palestinian workers in Israel. It also examines Israeli self-images and self-justification is. Various Israeli-proposed Federalist solutions are considered, as is the Palestinian response. Finally, the authors highlight the central role of Palestinian women and the ever-present influence of the refugee camps.

Khamsin: Women in the Middle East

Issue of Khamsin from 1987 about women and feminism in the Middle East and Egypt, Palestine and Israel particular.

Khamsin #11: Modern Turkey - development and crisis

Issue 11 of the Khamsin journal from 1984 about Turkey, its political economy, international relations and its working class, socialist and feminist movements.

Khamsin #07: Communist parties in the Middle East

Issue of Khamsin from around 1979 mostly about various communist parties in the Middle East.

Khamsin #06: Women in the Arab world

Issue 6 of revolutionary socialist journal Khamsin primarily about women in the Middle East.

Khamsin #05: Oriental Jewry

Issue of Khamsin from 1978 primarily about the Oriental Jewry.