Letter to Pierre Vésinier- Joseph Déjacque

Pierre Vésinier

A letter by Joseph Déjacque in 1861 discussing abolition and the situation and revolutionary movement of the 1860s.

Anarchist Prisoner Soheil Arabi – “Anarchism Means Flying Forever”

Soheil Arabi, the anarchist political prisoner, writes from the notorious Evin prison in northern Tehran, Iran…

Soheil Arabi - Anarkiismo Estas Forflugi por Ĉiam

Letero de SOHEIL ARABI, la anarkiosindicalista politika malliberulo, en la kavoj de la kalumnia Evin-malliberejo, norde de Teherano, Irano:

An Open Letter to my Compatriots in Algeria

Seeking to erode Algerian-Moroccan enmities stoked by nationalism and to share perspectives on his own experiences in the February 20th Movement in Morocco, a Moroccan filmmaker addresses Algerians who have taken to the streets starting on February 22, 2019 in a plea against authoritarianism.

Politics and Parliament - Monty Miller

Letters written in 1913 published in International Socialist criticising the Australian Labor Party and the support of the party from Australia's Socialist press.