Max Baginski

Volume 9 Issue 1

Mother Earth Vol. IX. No. 1 (March, 1914). Sourced from Greenwood Reprint Corporation's 1968 republication of Mother Earth in their Radical Periodicals in the United State 1890-1960 series, digitized by Google and uploaded to HathiTrust. Document has 100% OCR.

Everlasting Murder

A contemporary anarchist response to the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire, 1911.

Volume 8 Issue 1

Mother Earth

Vol. 8, no. 1

(March 1913)

pp. 10-14.

Volume 7 Issue 10


Monthly Magazine Devoted to Social Science and Literature

Published every 15th of the Month

EMMA GOLDMAN. Proprietor, 55 West 28th street, New York, N. Y.
Entered as second class matter April 9, 1906, at the post office at New York, N. Y. under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879


Volume 6 Issue 11

Issue of Mother Earth from January 1912. Articles by "MB" are written by Max Baginski.

Volume 6 Issue 1

Vol. VI MARCH, 1911 No. 1

Volume 2 Issue 3

Vol. II MAY, 1907 No.3